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About Continuing Professional Development


Continuing Professional Development (CPD) refers to the acts and processes through which one acquires HR-related knowledge and skills beneficial to continuing practice.


Under the membership scheme in 2010, the fulfilment of CPD requirements will be one of the criteria for HKIHRM membership renewal.

Validity of CPD Activities

Fellow, Professional and Associate Members have to acquire the required CPD hours within a membership year (1 April - 31 March of the following year) in order to renew their membership.


For example: 

Requirements of CPD Hours

CPD requirements for Fellow, Professional and Associate Members who join the Institute during a membership year will be as follows:

CPD requirements 2.png

CPD requirements for members who have upgraded to a higher level of membership during a membership year will be based on the CPD requirements for the lower level of membership for the year when upgrading is effective.

Update Your CPD Records 

From now until 31 March of the following year, you can update your CPD activities in the current membership year via the form as below. After updating, members cannot change or update their CPD records for the said period.
You can fill in your CPD Records via the following form:




How to count CPD?

CPD activities include:

Structured Programmes

  • Formal participation in a training course (not necessarily offered by HKIHRM)

  • Every 0.5 learning hour (counts as 0.5 CPD hour) is the minimum CPD hour unit

  • Activity duration > Based on time specified on the activity's publicity / printed materials

  • Tea Breaks lasting for 31 minutes or more and Lunches/Dinners cannot be counted, unless they are Lunch/Dinner Seminars



  • Training Programmes

  • Seminars and Workshops

  • Conferences

  • Being Speaker / Facilitator / Trainer of training or educational activities

  • Being Mentor / Mentee of HKIHRM Mentorship Programme or organised by other institutions

Unstructured Tasks covering self-directed studies

  • CPD hours > Based on the actual time engaged in the activity / learning

  • Every 0.5 learning hour (counts as 0.5 CPD hour) is the minimum CPD hour unit

  • Maximum of 50% of the required CPD hours can be acquired from the following examples of activity



  • E-learning

  • Distance learning

  • Reading HR books or journals

  • Participating in selected HKIHRM survey and polling which are applicable to acquire CPD hours

CPD FAQs.png
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