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Professional Standards

Programme Endorsement

HKIHRM recognises the importance of quality HR programmes. Since 2010, Programme Endorsement has been introduced with an objective to endorse the HR programmes provided by higher education institutions to be in alignment with the defined the HR Body of Knowledge.

Individuals graduated from a HKIHRM fully endorsed programme (Degree Level) are eligible to become the Institute's Associate Member. Those who are studying a full-time HR programme endorsed by the Institute would be eligible to become the Institute's Student Member. A "HKIHRM Endorsed Programme" logo can be used on all the publications relating to the HR programme fully endorsed by HKIHRM.


Subject to the requirement listed in the table below, programmes can be endorsed fully / partially:

PE criteria.png


*A recognized institution is:
  - A degree-awarding higher education institution in Hong Kong; or
  - Accredited by Hong Kong Council for the Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications

# QF level refers to the level of the qualification as recognized under the Qualifications Framework set up by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region


New Application

Please submit the following documents of your HR programmes for HKIHRM's endorsement.


To ensure the quality consistency of the HR programmes endorsed by HKIHRM, re-endorsement is required once every three years. The requirements are subject to the criteria set by HKIHRM at the time of application. Please submit the following documents of your HR programmes for HKIHRM's re-endorsement.

Procedure and Required Documents

  • Application Form (download here) - Please send the filled form to

  • Document that confirms the eligibility of your institution under Part 1 of the Programme Endorsement Criteria (UGC-funded Institutions would not need to submit this confirmation document)

  • Programme brochure or any publicity materials covering the programme content

  • Course outlines of HR related subjects


All applications will be endorsed by the HKIHRM Programme Endorsement Sub-Committee. The result will be notified to the applicant in 2 months from the date of receipt of complete relevant documents


A non-refundable administration fee HK$3,000 per programme, please send a crossed cheque made payable to “Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management Ltd.” together with the form and required documents.

List of Programmes Endorsed by HKIHRM

For enquiry, please contact Member Services Team at (852) 2837 3814 / 3811 or

e-mail to

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