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Professional Standards

Professional Standards Model

Under the HR Professional Standards Model, three perspectives are identified to demonstrate the professional standards for practicing HR management. They are:

Knowledge (HR Professional Areas)

A set of Body of Knowledge (BoK) defines the knowledge that a HR practitioner should acquire and apply at work, providing a framework to the practitioners to facilitate the acquisition of new knowledge and skills through professional development opportunities.​

HKIHRM recognises the importance of quality HR programmes, as it introduces the HR profession to students and provides HR knowledge. Programme Endorsement is thus launched by the Institute to ensure content of HR programmes offered by higher education institutions with the defined HR Body of Knowledge.

PS Model eng.png

Experience (HR Roles and Responsibilities)

The Institute recognises the practical experience of HR practitioners in terms of their HR roles and responsibilities outlining what a professional should do and deliver operationally and strategically.

Capability (HR Competencies)

Capability represents the competencies which a HR practitioner should demonstrate working in the HR field to carry out his/her activities in a professional manner.

PS capability table eng.png

About the Professional Standards Model, please click here for more details.

HKIHRM organises diverse Certificate Programmes, Global Programmes and topical seminars for HR professionals to achieve the required Professional Standards, more details here.

HR Career Ladder and HKIHRM Membership

The HKIHRM HR Professional Standards Model provides a framework to facilitate HR professionals advancing in the discipline along with correspondence upgrade of membership through professional development. The framework is then translated into a demonstration that sets out the changing roles and the corresponding work context being played by an individual along his or her career ladder as well as the expanding knowledge requirements.

HR career leader.png

A Career Development Guide here has been developed to enable HR practitioners to acquire additional information and guidance required to excel in their profession. 

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